Being a Great Leader

Hi! My name is Janet L. Courtney. I am the founder and CEO of Lighthouse Therapy. As the head of this organization, one of the best compliments I get from my staff and others is what a great leader I am. Now there are many experts out there that will tell you what you need to do or give you a formula to follow to be a great leader, and I have read and learned from many of them.  But the thing I find that has helped me the most has been surrounding myself with people who are smarter than I am and trusting them to do their part.

It takes leadership to start any new business.  Successful entrepreneurs are said to be goal setters, like control, “big picture” people, and driven. I can identify with all these traits, my husband will joke, sometimes to a fault. But when you are small, and just getting your feet under yourself, it takes that drive and desire to create a business that will grow and last.  I think of the juggler with all the plates spinning on different poles.  Keeping everything going in the right direction and not having it all come crashing down is a major undertaking.

The Key to Being a Great Leader

The key to continue growing, is finding, and hiring people who can do parts of what you were doing only better. And letting it go!  Did I mention that I am a bit of a control freak? Yep, it is hard to let go of things and trust someone else to the job you have been doing from day one. Micromanaging is not letting go! I think it is ok to trust but verify in the beginning, but if you get the right people in the right position, they will blow you away if you give them the opportunity to flourish.

When your staff succeeds, the whole company succeeds. And when they get it right, they make you look like the one who has it all figured out. So don’t be intimidated by staff that may know more than you in a particular area of your business.  Embrace it and give them the tools to continue to thrive.  Give them kudos publicly to let them and others know how much you value the work that they do for you every day.

Special Thanks

As you can guess, there are many professionals in Lighthouse Therapy that are way smarter than I am.  If you would indulge me, I would like to thank a few of them here!

Carissa Courtney and Jonathan Courtney, you have been with me from the beginning and I love your passion and dedication to making my calling a reality.

Mark Wallenwine, Director of Marketing, you continue to move our message forward and have helped make the Lighthouse Therapy brand one that people are starting to notice.

Erin O’Connell, Ed.S., NCSP, Director of Clinical Services, you and I collaborate so well together, but then you turn those ideas and concepts into reality, leading our therapy staff with passionate integrity.

Finally, Mike Courtney, CTO and my husband of almost 26 years, you believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.  Your knowledge of technology and calm steadfast manner continue to astound me every day. 

There are so many others that I could mention but you get the point. Take time to surround yourself with people who have a talent you don’t. Give them the opportunity to succeed. They make you look good. You will be glad you did.

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