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The U.S. has 6.6 million children diagnosed with learning disabilities – the equivalent of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire’s populations combined. Over 45% fall behind their peers, but it doesn’t have to be this way. By giving children the highest quality therapy services we believe most students can graduate on time. Resulting in students, parents, and families having a higher quality of life.

We get that the only thing normal right now is that this school year is totally abnormal.

In fact, your school is probably being dictated to go to an online or blended model, and you are unsure how to proceed. 

You’re likely wondering if there was a pre-packaged option that can shift quickly to meet your needs. At Lighthouse Therapy we have a system that integrates with all education models. 

Post Covid-19, we understand that having an online system for special education may feel daunting. We have over nine years in online therapy experience and have helped schools across the U.S. integrate online therapy into their school with ease.

Before starting Lighthouse Therapy our founder, Janet Courtney, worked in online therapy services. She saw first-hand the problem with a company ran by investors and businessmen. Decisions were regularly made to improve the bottom line that negatively affected therapists, schools, and ultimately the students. She knew that a company’s profits shouldn’t come before a student’s well-being. So she started Lighthouse Therapy (LHT). 

LHT is started by a therapist for therapists. Janet knows the struggles of conducting sessions online. So every decision we make is around helping our therapists and students be successful. 

The results?

Students get the highest quality therapy services resulting in happy parents and school administrators.

This year doesn’t have to be stressful. Give us a call at 888-642-0994 or choose from the list of services below for more information.

Our Services

Speech-Language Therapy & Assessment

Occupational Therapy & Assessments

Behavioral & Mental Health Services

Professional Development & Platform Access

Meet Our Founder

Lighthouse Therapy’s Founder and CEO, Janet Courtney, MS, CCC/SLP, has been a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist since March, 1994 with a Master of Science from Purdue University. Her passion has always been people. Helping them to become the best they can be in whatever avenue of life their paths cross.

Lighthouse Therapy LLC is an online therapy company specializing in telepractice for speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health counseling.
As an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist, Janet has a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry for over 9 years. Her skills in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Hearing Impairment Disorders, Language Disorders, Articulation Disorders, Customer Service, Pediatrics, and Public Speaking position Lighthouse with a leader who understands the needs of our school partners and the clinicians we hire.

Our Mission

Matching students with the right therapists to provide the highest quality online Speech & Language, Occupational, and Behavioral & Mental Health Services.

Our Values


We believe in integrity in all our interactions


We offer information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty


We value our faith in Christ, who teaches us to love all people


We believe in increasing, developing, and maturing people and practices


We know one must give respect to get respect

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