The Benefits of Teletherapy

Telepractice in Schools?
What are the benefits:

  • Teletherapy empowers parents, teens, and young adult clients to take control of their own progress.
  • Due to therapist shortages, teletherapy offers rural and inner-city schools an alternative when challenged with finding in-person therapists to serve students.
  • Teletherapy is beneficial to schools’ bottom line when working with a confined budget, especially for rural schools – eliminating travel time between school sites.
  • There is less hassle for virtual students – no cost for gas and no transportation time to get to a therapy session.
  • Teletherapy provides access to various internet resources geared specifically toward the students’ interests making it highly motivating.
  • Therapists can serve students who are not willing or able to attend brick-and-mortar schools for various reasons (e.g. medically fragile, emotionally impaired, temporarily homebound).
  • Research shows that students receiving Speech and Language services achieve the same level of success as students seen face to face.

  • With teletherapy, there are generally fewer distractions from other students, creating increased opportunities for learning.
  • There are fewer difficulties with student behaviors due to highly motivating activities. Thus, the student attends better and more is accomplished during the sessions.
  • In general, students are very comfortable with technology and can accomplish more in less time.

  • Students who struggle with attention often focus better due to the removal of external stimulus and focus on the activities on the screen with the use of a headset.
  • Students with severe needs can be serviced via teletherapy. These students’ services need additional planning and may require an in-person assistant to be the therapist’s “hands”, but services can be effectively accomplished.
  • Student Support Specialists (para-pro, assistants, or e-helpers) assist the student in getting to and from therapy vs. paying a higher cost therapist for transportation times.
  • Lighthouse Therapy provides training to Student Support Specialists. This promotes communication between our therapists and the assistants, creating a working relationship which is key to students’ success.
  • Lighthouse Therapy provides competent, accessible, and responsive IT professionals. Our IT team will work directly with the district’s IT department when needed to immediately solve technical issues should they occur.
  • Teletherapy allows for total family involvement in services. Parents can even observe sessions.
  • Teletherapy allows therapists to integrate sessions into a student’s daily life. Students and parents can generalize goals for activities at home or in other environments.
  • Teletherapy can offer therapy that meets the IEP frequency of service allotted to the student instead of providing what the therapist has available due to a shortage of therapist availability.
  • Lighthouse Therapy strives to identify good therapists, monitor services, and make sure the school and the therapist are a good fit so the students can reach their maximum potential.
  • Therapists are very self-sufficient and proactive in engaging with the families of the students they serve.
  • Therapists perform evaluations completely online without the need for onsite assessments.
  • Tele-therapists are more technologically savvy and have excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Therapists work independently and have more flexibility in their work schedule meeting personal needs and increasing career satisfaction.
  • Lighthouse Therapy provides mentoring for all our therapists.

Lighthouse Therapy is a virtual company that can serve all states.

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