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Start Your Journey to Become an Online Therapist!

Lighthouse Therapy handles things differently than other companies. Although there are many benefits to these changes, we understand that starting your journey to become an online therapist can be confusing and overwhelming at times. We want to help with that by offering our free, “Becoming an Online Therapist” video course by clicking the link at the bottom of the page!


A few weeks before filming our next round of content, we recognized some challenges therapists were having adjusting to teletherapy. We wanted to ease that stress and avoid our therapists feeling lost in a new environment.


We believe that students are better-taken care of when their therapists are provided with the proper support. So, we asked our recruiters what frequently asked questions they receive from new therapists. Once we had those questions we organized them and provided answers.


Of those questions, we created five videos in an attempt to create a class that explains what sets Lighthouse Therapy apart from other companies. Our goal? To give new therapists the tools and information to thrive in a new environment that favors them. 


Some of the things we cover in the Becoming an Online Therapist video series are:


1099 Contractor vs. W-2 Employee

Lighthouse Therapy hires therapists as 1099 contractors rather than W-2 employees. This provides both more freedom and more responsibility.


Our Culture of Support

We want to make sure you get the help you need! To do this we list many of the tools we offer to assist you when things get confusing or overwhelming. Some of which include, but are not limited to tech support, mentors, group chats, and a full resource library!


Setting Your Own Schedule

If you have been looking for a job that offers a great work/life balance then Lighthouse Therapy may be for you. We let our therapists make their own schedules, but this also means that the responsibility of managing that schedule falls on the therapist. 


Technology Needed to Get Started

If this is your first time doing teletherapy the adjustment can be a little confusing. To help you through this, we share what kind of technology we expect our therapists to have and what kind of tech is helpful, but not required. 


Understanding Your Contract

Contracts can be tricky. In this video, Erin O’Connell lists some important things to look out for in contracts based on her experience speaking with therapists. However, this is not legal advice and we still recommend speaking with a professional.


Importance of Organization

There are a lot of moving parts in teletherapy. Here, Erin gives some great ways to keep these things organized to help ease stress regarding schedules and files.


So, if you want to know more about transitioning to Lighthouse Therapy, click below to join Erin O’Connell in our “Becoming an Online Therapist” video series!

Resources: Become An Online Therapist

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