Q&A for Clinicians

"As a school psychologist, by working at Lighthouse Therapy, I have a unique opportunity to reach my students in an environment where they feel safe and supported in their home."

Karey Spivey, Lighthouse Therapy Psychologist
What equipment is needed?
A computer or Ipad with an Internet connection, an up-to-date browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are supported), a webcam, and an audio headset. The platform is entirely web-based, and there is no software to install or maintain. Setup is minimal and training is provided by our service team.
What are the technical specifications for online therapy through Lighthouse Therapy?

Lighthouse Therapy is compatible with:

  • Google Chrome version 28 and later on any device except iPad or iPhone
  • Firefox version 25.0.1 and later on any device except iPad or iPhone
  • Safari on Mac macOS 10.12 Sierra or later
  • Safari on iPad or iPhone iOS 11 or later

Our online test will check your camera, mic, and Internet connection to see how well your device will work with Lighthouse Therapy. If others using your Internet connection are watching a video or uploading a file this could reduce your video quality.

Are you using a content/website filter? If there is a content/website filter on your network or computer, you must enable (whitelist) the following domains and subdomains:

  • lighthousetherapy.bswl.app
  • opentok.com
  • tokbox.com
  • blinkmedia.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com

If you have a firewall rule(s) to block certain network traffic you must allow the following:

  • ws://ws.pusherapp.com on port 80
  • wss://ws.pusherapp.com on port 443
Where can Lighthouse Therapy provide services – What states?

Due to the nature of online therapy services, Lighthouse Therapy can provide services to any state in the United States. Our therapists are licensed and credentialed in the state in which they live and in the states in which they provide services.

(Lighthouse therapy also maintains the NPA certification requirement in California.)

How are the therapists qualified?

We are a therapist run company that hires only highly qualified therapists. Our goal is to support our therapists in such a way that they are free to provide top-level services to all students. If our therapists feel they are appreciated and well compensated, they then spend all their energy delivering the kind of online services and teamwork that impact the outcomes of the students through the therapy process.

Therapists are required to be licensed and/or certified in the state in which they reside and the state in which they are providing services. Lighthouse Therapy will reimburse therapists for 100% of the cost of any required additional licenses or certifications outside of their home state. These fees will be agreed upon at the time of hire.

Beyond how the clinician looks on paper, our therapists must have a heart for children and the clinical knowledge and independent personal skills to deliver the best possible outcomes for our students. We offer paid orientation and one on one mentoring for the therapists. Our therapists are knowledgeable about our services and platform; ready to deliver engaging and caring services. We encourage and support continuous growth and improvement through networking and random session observations and documentation audits. We encourage our staff to ask questions and give feedback.

What are therapists and school districts saying about Lighthouse Therapy services?

“Lighthouse Therapy has provided our organization with dependable, reliable, and professional, related services. What separates Lighthouse Therapy from other vendors, is their terrific customer service and quality human character.”– Tim Ribota, Ed. S., Director of Student Services, Pacific Charter Institute

“Janet pays attention to how many students we had the previous year, and has the therapists to cover services for ALL the students when school starts the next year”– Jacqueline Whitney, Lone Pine, California

“Lighthouse Therapy CARES!! They care about students first and foremost but also care about parents, schools, and therapists. Lighthouse Therapy services are provided by experienced therapists who care about students first! We partner with parents and educators to bring out the best in each student!” - Erin O'Connell, Ed.S., NCSP - Nationally Certified School Psychologist

How does online services benefit therapists?

Lighthouse Therapy realizes that therapists are at the heart of everything we do. We are not a company that matches therapists to school contracts then offers no further assistance. We are a company run by therapists, for therapists, for the betterment of students. We are here to support our therapists and make sure they have all the tools and administrative support to focus on what they love to do best, work with great kids! This is what sets us apart!

Other benefits of being an online therapist include:

  • Working from home with the flexibility you need and the ability to set a schedule that works for you.
  • Provide services on the cutting edge of technology in a rapidly growing digital age.
  • Have more time to work with students by eliminating travel time between school sites and transportation time rounding up your students.
  • Become a part of a growing network of therapists that share ideas and are open to help whenever a question is asked or a need is expressed. We provide mentoring to all new therapists at whatever level they need it.
  • No more caseloads of 80+ students and groups of 6 students that feels more like babysitting than therapy. We limit groups to a max of 3 and manageable caseloads because the therapist decides how many students and hours they want to work. We only ask that you take a minimum of 20 students.
  • We also offer a stretch pay option for those lean summer months when ESY students are few and far between.
What tools are available on the Lighthouse Therapy platform?
The Lighthouse Therapy Platform provides a plethora of tools and activities that is constantly expanding. We have a full complement of activities that can be used to create sessions tailor made for students. These tools include Flashcards, PDFs , Word Documents , PowerPoint , Matching Games, and Board Games. Our interactive white board allows all participants to point, draw, type, and use more than 4,800 built-in movable icons (emojis). The white board can be used independently or right on top of any of the resources (card sets, pdfs, etc.), screen share, or even videos. And the best feature: save and load white boards; up to 50 saved boards per student!
What Assessments do you have available?
Psychoeducational Assessments

Academic Achievement

Woodcock-Johnson IV: Tests of Academic Achievement (WJ-IV Ach)

Academic Achievement Battery (AAB)

Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement- Third Edition (KTEA-3)

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test- Fourth Edition (WIAT-4)

Adaptive Behavior

Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales- Third Edition (Vineland-3)

Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, Third Edition (ABAS-3)

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Sensory Profile 2

Autism Spectrum Rating Scales (ASRS)

Cognitive/ IQ

Woodcock-Johnson IV: Tests of Cognitive Abilities (WJ-IV Cog)

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children- Fifth Edition (WISC-V)

Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales- Second Edition (RIAS-2)

Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test- Second Edition (RIST-2)

Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence- Second Edition (CTONI-2)


Developmental Profile 4 (DP-4) **Fall 2020 release

Executive Functioning

Brown Executive Function/ Attention Scales

Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function- Second Edition ADHD Form (BRIEF-2)

Processing Abilities

Test of Visual Perceptual Skills- Fourth Edition (TVPS-4)

Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing- Second Edition (CTOPP-2)

The Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration- Sixth Edition (VMI-6)

Woodcock-Johnson IV: Tests of Oral Language

TAPS-4: A Language Processing Skills Assessment

Social-Emotional/ Behavioral

Behavior Assessment System for Children- Third Edition (BASC-3)

Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)

Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II)

Beck Youth Inventories-2 (BYI-2)

Occupational Therapy Assessments

The Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration- Sixth Edition (VMI-6)

Sensory Profile- 2

Test of Visual Perceptual Skills- Fourth Edition (TVPS-4)

Sensory Processing Measure

Sensory Processing Measure Preschool

Speech-Language Assessments

Comprehensive Evaluation of Language Fundamentals 5 (CELF5)

Comprehensive Evaluation of Language Fundamentals 5 Metalinguistics (CELF5 Meta)

Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Preschool 3 (CELF Preschool-3)

Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language Second Edition  (CASL2)

Clinical Assessment of Pragmatics (CAPs)

Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation 3 (GFTA3)

Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation- Third Edition (GFTA-3), Spanish

Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis 3 (KLPA3)

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fifth Edition (PPVT5)

Expressive Vocabulary Test, Third Edition (EVT3)


How are students supervised in sessions? What is the role of the Student Support Specialist?

A Student Support Specialist, usually a para-pro or teacher assistant, are responsible for getting the students to the computer, logging into the platform or meeting room, and troubleshooting any problems. They take on the responsibilities of working in coordination with the therapist to make sure the student attends and completes activities as directed by the therapist. As therapists, we refer to these people as our “hands and feet” at the school site.

Lighthouse Therapy will provide training for Student Support Specialists specific to our platform and answer any questions they may have.

How many children can participate in a group session?
At Lighthouse Therapy, we limit the group size to a max of 3 students on separate computers or a max of 2 students on the same computer. Group sessions can be a very effective and successful way for students to receive the highest benefit from therapy sessions. However, we always do what is clinically appropriate for students based on their individualized needs. As professional clinicians, it is our opinion that a group larger than 3 students is difficult to effectively execute in the telepractice model. Thus, we recognize this limitation and proceed accordingly.
Are all students appropriate for online therapy services?
Teletherapy services are appropriate for the majority of students needs, including preschoolers, severely impaired students, and students with AAC devices. There are occasions where an in-person therapist may be warranted. These cases are rare but we will ALWAYS recommend the best clinical situation for a student’s needs.
Can parents observe their child’s session?
Yes! Parents are encouraged to observe their student’s session should they wish to participate. They will be provided a secure login to join their student’s session from wherever they are at the time of the session. As with any session, they will have to log in using an approved web browser. Parents will only have access to their student’s information and active sessions. Therapists will set this up with parents prior to the session so they can know when the parents will be attending and/or participating in their child’s sessions.
How are students and therapists matched?
Our therapists are matched with students based on the states in which they are licensed, the type of services needed, hours required, and schedule matching. We can match a therapist who specializes in an area of need for students not based on geographical availability. This is one of the best features of online services! The assigned provider will see students based on the service requirements stated on the students IEP, and will develop a rapport similar to working together on-site. Students, parents, and districts can often request the same provider year after year.
What happens if there are technical difficulties?
With the Lighthouse Therapy Platform, you will receive a very high level of help and support. Built into the core of our business is a commitment to see our schools succeed providing therapy online. For this reason, technical support will be provided via dedicated phone line with a live tech support specialist.
Can you do initial and three-year assessments?

Yes. Lighthouse Therapy provides a variety of standardized assessments and informal assessments for every discipline we provide to meet the needs for initial and three-year reassessments. Our therapists are competent with the administration of these assessments and the ethical administration of assessments through the online format.

The assessment reports provided are comprehensive and address all areas related to the student's educational and functional needs. By taking a comprehensive approach to testing, the possibility of a child's deficit being overlooked is eliminated.

Can Lighthouse Therapy use the school’s existing reporting system for IEPs and progress reports?
Yes. IEP reporting and progress reports are provided in a way that works best for school districts. Most often, the districts to provide a unique username and password and access to their existing reporting system the same as they would an on the ground therapist.
Can Lighthouse Therapy provide Case Management services?

Yes, we can. Our therapists can perform all Case Management services.

Depending on the districts needs, our therapists can provide any aspect of case management. Our therapists can write and manage the IEP, conduct IEP meetings, affirm the IEP, whatever is needed. They will ensure secure communication between parents, teachers, and other members of the IEP team. The therapists can attend all IEP meetings virtually-either through our platform, another video conference system, or a telephone conference. The comfort level of the school is the only limiter for our therapists. By providing them access to the district’s online IEP system, they will be able to supply student information and progress reports.

Does Lighthouse Therapy provide mentoring for therapists new to telepractice.
Yes! We want our therapists to feel confident and supported from the start. Once the initial orientation to our platform is completed, therapists are offered an hour with a seasoned therapists as a part of their orientation training. They will answer any questions and offer demonstration and support on our platform during this session. Ongoing mentoring is provided as long as the therapist has additional questions. Our CEO often says, “The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. If you don’t know the answer, then you need to ask the question.”
What are some pros and cons of working a remote job?

There are a lot of plusses of remote work! Commute times become zero, you have more schedule flexibility, and much more. Click the button below to see what our clinical supervisors have to say.

How does Lighthouse Therapy provide a good work/life balance?

Our therapists create their own schedules. Picking up kids from school or making time for hobbies are simply a matter of organizing your schedule! Click the button below to see what our clinical supervisors have to say.

What resources are available to therapists?

We have an extensive list of resources available to our therapists. We pay for many assessments and materials crucial for the development of students. Click the button below to see some of the tools our clinical supervisors list off.

How does Lighthouse Therapy provides support to their therapists?

Every therapist is paired with a mentor to help adjust to teletherapy. Beyond that there are google chats with other therapists, live tech support, and more! Click the button below to hear the answer from some of our clinical supervisors.

How does Lighthouse Therapy handle caseloads and referrals?

We have a minimum caseload of twenty students and a maximum decided by you! Our main priority is the kids, so we measure out caseloads by students rather than hours. Click the button below to hear our clinical supervisors explain further.

Do therapists often serve multiple schools?

Lighthouse Therapy serves many schools, and this allows therapists to work at more than one school at a time. This means, there is no limit to the number of students you choose to serve. Hear from our clinical supervisors on how this works by clicking below!

What is some advice for therapists new to teletherapy?

We wanted to know what our clinical supervisors would say to therapists transitioning into teletherapy. Click here to see their best advice!

Why should I work at Lighthouse Therapy?

We prioritize the well being of our therapists so we can provide the best services possible to students. Don’t just trust our word for it, listen to what our clinical supervisors have to say about why they work with us!

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