Helping Parents Navigate the Maze: IEPs

We all know what an IEP is. But do parents really know what it stands for? IEP is the acronym for Individualized Education Program. Having been on an IEP as a child, it is amazing to write about them now.

How do we help parents understand IEPs?  Educators understand the IEP process and do a great job walking parents through this process. It never hurts to have additional information available for parents. At the end of this blog are a few links you may find helpful as parent resources.

As we know, parents can easily feel overwhelmed by everything involved with IEPs and the process. One way to help reduce this feeling is to use the SMART IEP process. This stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. By using this system, it becomes easier for them to understand what is involved and required by law.

Ultimately, we want them to know how great their child truly is and the skills in which they are succeeding. According to Natalie Jager of Teacher Weather, “I’ll never forget what she [his teacher] wrote about him in the very first section, which highlighted his strengths, ‘Q is a very handsome and sweet boy…’ to paraphrase she went on to describe his love of Thomas the Train, Hot Wheels, his determination to always be the ‘leader’ and his affectionate ways toward his teachers.” In this resource, Jager goes on to give some helpful tips worth reviewing to keep IEP meetings a positive experience.

Developing Your Child’s IEP

SMART IEPs: Introduction

The Special Education Process Explained

Student At a Glance- Maintaining a Positive Note at the IEP Meeting

Report Card and IEP Comments

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