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Importance of Delegation: Key Traits of Leadership

A team is useless to you if you rely on them for nothing. You and your team members work together every day to help one another find success. When you allow your team to take on tasks, you both give yourself more quality time to manage your team, as well as the ability to observe how well your team can perform when they take on a project. That is the importance of delegation.

Delegating tasks gives your team responsibilities and goals that they can work toward and take pride in. It also makes you look good for putting the right person in the right role. When you put aces in their places, you will see your team complete projects with far more quality and efficiency. 



A huge part of delegating these tasks is about knowing your team. Successful people surround themselves with people who have talent and skills they don’t. Take the time to speak with your team members to see how they feel about the work they’ve been assigned and how they create solutions. 


Your team is full of talented individuals with strengths and weaknesses. Understanding those aspects in these individuals will help you make even better decisions about the tasks you assign them.




Micromanaging is not letting go! You may want to oversee that each task is done the way you prefer, but doing so defeats the purpose of delegation. Great leaders delegate so they are free to bring all of the completed works together for the overall success of the project.


You are the captain. You steer the ship to the desired destination and you can’t do that properly if you are also trying to man the oars.  


Ultimately the importance of delegation means; the more people you allow to help you, the larger and more impressive the projects will be. Never fear sharing the load, so you can make sure your primary task is simply being a great leader of a talented and skilled team.

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