a student doing online therapy with a teletherapist.

Positive Teletherapy Outcomes For Students With Autism

Many educators wonder if teletherapy can be an effective tool for autistic students. The uncertainty can cause professionals to hesitate when considering teletherapy. Research, however, suggests that teletherapy may have better results than in person services.


Teletherapy provides several advantages over face to face services. For some students, the barrier between them and the therapist reduces behaviors caused by sensory overstimulation. Teletherapy also allows for more flexibility in scheduling sessions around students particular daily rhythms.


In case studies done on this subject, more often than not, it has been observed that students achieve better results with teletherapy.


While teletherapy greatly helps autistic students, there is still more research being done on this topic. For more information, visit the link below.



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