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The Pomodoro Method

Have you ever sat at your computer staring at a project that you need to get started on but keep putting off? All of us procrastinate at some point or another. If we can’t find a way around it, it can seriously stunt our progress. The Pomodoro method can help with this.


One of the best methods to overcome this is the Pomodoro deep focus technique. The Pomodoro method is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo to help maximize the quality of time spent studying or working. And the best part? There are only two steps to know to get started!




This technique works by first deciding on a specific task or project you want to complete. Using this method has been shown to maximize focus. So applying this technique during a time crunch on a project, or even when you’re just not feeling up to work, really has a lot of reward for a small change in structure.




Once a job is set in your mind, you’ll want to set a timer for 25-30 minutes to work uninterrupted and focus on that task. When the timer is up, spend 5 minutes of break time to let your brain rest for a moment. The Pomodoro technique typically uses three cycles of work and break time. However, you can use as many or as few as needed to complete the task.




That’s it! These are all the steps you need to know to get started, but let’s dive into why this method is so effective. There are two main reasons. First, 25-30 minutes of work seems much less intimidating than the entire project. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done in that time when truly focused. Second, taking breaks allows you to breathe and return with that same focus. This is far better than procrastinating or spending only an hour of limited mental energy on a project. 


By incorporating this method, you tell your brain that there is a shorter distance to the goal. Our brains can perceive a length of time much better than perceiving how long a project will take. This makes it easier to avoid procrastination and get to work. When you choose a goal and use this method, you will find that your focus will increase and your stress level will decrease.


If you want to learn more about other great methods for being efficient. Check out this article by Maria Jose Meneses titled Making Remote Work More Efficient With Online Tools.

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