Thoughts From an Online OT

Three years ago I started in the online OT world.  I was very skeptical that I would be able to deliver a quality service to my clients over the computer but I thought I would give it a try.   Fast forward three years and I can now say that I have embraced the online therapy world. I feel that I am not only delivering quality services but meeting my goals faster than before with more consistent therapy sessions.  

Prior to the online world, I had been working for a traditional brick and mortar school system. When I compare the two worlds I would say that now I am a more productive therapist with online therapy.  I feel that my time is spent working directly with students versus looking for a student, being called to bus duty, or helping with non-special education students in behavior crisis.  I feel that I am getting to my goals faster. I have access to students IEP goals and am able to reference previous session notes to help focus my treatments as they happen online. I am able to document as the session happens for better data collection.

I find that the students seem more motivated and focused on the computer and the use of computer tools.  I have the flexibility to work with traditional methods like worksheets or access the technology of the computer. I originally thought I would be limited on the computer but find I actually have more resources at my disposal.   

I have recently joined the Lighthouse Therapy Team.  I feel valued as a therapist and employee. I joined the team having known Janet Courtney as a previous Lead Therapist.  When I found out she was starting a company I could not wait to join. Janet is driven, has an amazingly positive attitude, responds quickly to questions, is very organized and most of all she cares about the therapist and offering quality services.  Janet is a true professional and treats her staff and therapists as such, offering some of the most therapist-centered compensation plans in the industry. This translates into happy therapists that offer outstanding services to their clients.

Honored to say I am Lighthouse Therapy’s first employee, thrilled to be a part of their team and proud to be an online therapist.  


Shelly Kaufman
Occupational Therapist

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