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Core Principles: Identify Obstacles

There are almost always going to be obstacles when trying to complete a goal. Whether it’s a time crunch or a lack of tools to complete the task, bottlenecks like these can seriously affect the outcome of your aspirations. So what are some of the ways we can identify these obstacles before they can interfere with our goals?

Imagine for a moment that you are going on a journey across a land you’ve never seen before. There will probably be twists and turns that are unexpected. You can compare this to pursuing a goal. It can be hard to know how to get to the finish line without taking a few unexpected turns. In both cases, the best way to avoid these obstacles is as simple as a map.

So, what are some good ways that you can make a “Map to your endgame” to avoid these obstacles? Well, we have come up with two methods to do this.

The Pessimism Brainstorm

The first method of identifying possible plan snags is brainstorming everything that could go wrong. One thing that is important to keep in mind is, don’t let this discourage you! We are simply writing things that could go wrong to avoid them. Don’t expect every one of them to happen.

The next step is to look at this list and take the top three to five things that are most likely to happen. Write these things down and make them the main focus of things to avoid. Doing this prepares you to avoid the big mistakes and learn from the smaller ones.

Ask the Pros!

The next step is simple but important: ask those who have already done what you are trying to accomplish. There are eight billion people worldwide, and it is more than likely that someone has already done what you’re trying to accomplish.

No one would know what to look out for most than the people who have already walked the path. Finding a mentor to assist you or simply asking a few questions in a conversation with someone that knows what to look for is incredibly useful in attaining your mission.

Don’t let fear stop you!

I understand that writing these things down can bring up negative thoughts about achieving your goal. It’s important to try your best to keep a positive attitude when doing this. If a goal is not difficult and challenging, how can it truly be effective? The best way to make it easier is to acknowledge when it will be hard and know how to address it ahead of time.

Take five minutes right now to identify your obstacles and prepare for them if you have a moment. Being ahead of the problem and knowing it is coming will make it so much easier in the long run. It’s easy to picture the finish line, but knowing the course will help you navigate the journey more smoothly.

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