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Core Principles: Mission Statement

Your life is a story and you are the main character. A personal mission statement tells the primary focus of your current story in one clear sentence. Mission statements are helpful when one feels a lack of drive and motivation.

Whether you have been working at the same job for a while and need to rediscover your passion or you are simply looking for something new to be passionate about, a mission statement will help you discover your passion and give you a sense of purpose.

Creating a mission statement gives you a set destination in your mind to remind you why you should put work in today. Here are two questions to narrow down an effective mission statement.

What do you want to accomplish?

What kind of things can you get lost in? When you’re truly invested in a project hours can become minutes and time slips out of your hands. Write a list of these activities or tasks and look for the one that means the absolute most to you.

Be specific! Imagine a picture of what success looks like for you and write it down. Once you do this you may be surprised. You’re probably already taking steps toward accomplishing your mission by simply doing things you enjoy.

Does this project inspire you to take action?

Another huge part of a mission statement is choosing words that motivate you. Take the time to discover what it is you want and how presenting that will inspire you to take action.

The whole point of a mission statement is to inspire you! If it doesn’t inspire you now, it won’t inspire you later when you need it. Which of these sentences sounds more inspiring to you?
My mission is to teach students and prepare them for the outside world.

My mission is to give students the tools to traverse their adult lives with confidence and intelligence.

These sentences both describe how a teacher might feel about teaching their students. However, phrasing it differently gives the second sentence more purpose and passion.

To Recap

There are two things that matter a lot when writing a mission statement: a goal or project and passionate phrasing. Asking yourself these questions is the best way to craft a mission statement that defines and inspires you to do your best work.

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