How do therapists choose their caseloads?

This is one of the common questions we’ve gotten when interviewing therapists. Lighthouse Therapy manages caseloads differently than many other companies. Today, let’s really dive into this question to show you how and why we handle caseloads the way we do at Lighthouse.


How are caseloads measured at Lighthouse Therapy?

At Lighthouse, students always come first. We wanted to show this in the way we handle caseloads. Because of this, we measure out caseloads by students rather than hours.


We consider one student to be one 30-minute session a week, so typically, part-time is 20-30 students per week. The rest of the time is taken up with notes, IEP planning/writing/attending, parent/teacher communication, and other activities that make up the 20 hours per week.


Is there a minimum & maximum?

The minimum caseload at Lighthouse Therapy is 20 students a week. This number can definitely change depending on when during the school year you are hired and how many students need to be served at the time. 


As for a maximum caseload, we do not technically have a limit. There is one thing that will always come to the forefront when asking for more students. What is clinically appropriate? We want you to make as much as you’d like here. Our only caveat is your students need to come first. As long as the total number of students is not compromising the quality of their sessions, we’re happy to see you serve as many as you’d like.


How long does it take to get the desired caseload?


As mentioned a little in the previous question, getting your desired caseload can depend greatly on a couple of factors. One is the time of year that you are hired. At certain times of the year, we have less need for therapists and thus have less opportunity for therapists to gain students. Typically, the beginning of the school year will help you get to your desired caseload faster, but this is not always the case.


Another thing to note is that adjusting to teletherapy can be a lot all at once. We want to give you the time to get used to these changes as we incrementally raise your caseload to the preferred number of students.

How do I increase or decrease my caseload?

Raising or lowering your caseload is as simple as reaching out to one of our clinical supervisors and letting them know what your new desired caseload will be. It may take some time to reschedule some students with other therapists, but soon, you’ll get to that balance you’re looking for.


We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or overworked, so if you’re beginning to feel like that, don’t feel guilty for asking to take a few students off of your caseload. We are a company run by therapists. We understand.



So, let’s briefly go over what we just discussed today. At Lighthouse, we measure our caseloads as students to focus clearly on why we do what we do: to see students grow and thrive. One student is equivalent to one 30-minute session a week.


The minimum caseload at Lighthouse is 20 students, though it may be easier or more difficult to get to this number depending on the time of year that you’re hired. We have no maximum caseload but expect that you won’t take on more students than you’re ready for. If you’re stressed, they’re more likely to be as well. 


If you do happen to take on too many students or if you’re looking to increase your caseload, all you need to do is reach out to your clinical supervisor and request raising or lowering your number of students.


I hope this has made it much more clear to see how we manage caseloads at Lighthouse Therapy. If you have any further questions, visit our frequently asked questions page by clicking here. Thank you for taking the time to understand how we handle caseloads at Lighthouse. I hope you have a blessed day!

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