What kind of support is provided to therapists?

Giving therapists the support they need to serve students to the best of their ability is not a desire; it’s a necessity. Our sole focus at Lighthouse Therapy is to be a company run by therapists, for therapists, for the betterment of students. 


We have staff at every level who know precisely what struggles therapists face because they’ve faced it themselves as fellow therapists. Supporting each other is a value that runs through the veins of this company. But actions speak louder than words, so let’s talk about what kind of support we currently give to our therapists!


Mentors & Clinical Coordinator


As soon as therapists are contracted, they are paired with one of our mentors to help them adjust to Lighthouse’s online environment. We try our best to make sure that mentors are in the same field as their mentees. OTs with OTs and SLPs with SLPs. That’s our first step in helping you get started.


We also have our clinical coordinators to provide therapist support. These are highly experienced therapists here to help with questions, comments, and concerns when it comes to sessions, schedules, and our list of resources. You can always reach out to your mentor or clinical coordinator with a simple Google chat anytime you need assistance.


Google Chat Community


Speaking of Google chats, another one of the ways we offer support to our therapists is with a sense of community. We understand that a remote online job can sometimes feel a bit isolating when it’s just you at home with your computer. 


To ease that feeling, we have group chats of therapists ready and willing to answer each other’s questions and provide support wherever they can. You’ve heard that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Here, it’s true. You’re entering a new environment, and a community of those who have done the same can make the transition much easier.


Tech Support


Lighthouse Therapy is an online company, and we understand that many of you might not be as familiar with the technology and software you’ll use in teletherapy. We get it, and we’re here to help!


Our tech support team is another form od therapist support that is here to fix your bugs and answer your questions. Whether it’s a computer problem or a lagging platform, we have experts ready and willing to help you smoothly traverse that hurdle. During regular business hours, feel free to reach out to them whenever you’re faced with an intimidating technical problem.


Pay Incentives


When it comes to resources, we have quite a list, and if you’re curious about what kind of resources are available, you can find our full list by clicking here


While you’re contracted with Lighthouse Therapy you will have access to a variety of materials to use. An extensive list of assessments and testing materials are available for learner evaluations. For ease of use, most of our assessments are available virtually, however, physical copies of certain assessments can be sent to you upon request. We also provide an OT kit to applicable students and therapists may receive a matching kit to use in sessions. 


An Overview of Support at Lighthouse


In the end, we give therapists the resources and support necessary to serve students to the best of their ability. We provide therapist support through mentoring, a community of therapists like you, great tech support, and the resources and assessments needed to make a real difference in the lives of students.


The best way to see our learners grow is to support those who dedicate their time to nurture them. I hope this gives you a clear picture of the kind of support we offer here at Lighthouse Therapy. If you have any further questions feel free to visit our frequently asked questions page by clicking here. Thank you for learning more about us today! Have a blessed rest of your day!

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